Usernames- How Can I Change My Control Panel Username?

A username is a vital piece of your hosting account. Despite the name, whether or not it can be changed depends on the type of hosting plan you have. Please refer to your hosting type below to understand how your username can or cannot be changed.

Note: Changing the Username for any hosting plan type can cause unforeseen consequences due to the way which cPanel utilizes the Username for an account. It is highly recommended that you do not make this change. If you choose to do so, please be aware of the following:
  1. Your active websites may stop functioning if any configuration files they depend on are not updated appropriately. It is recommended to wait for a low-traffic time of day before proceeding with this change to mitigate the impact of any downtime.
  2. You should always create a full backup of the account prior to making any changes.
  3. Double check your existing MySQL database names, and recheck them after the change to ensure none are missing.
  4. Any files that use the username, MySQL database or database username will need to be updated.
    • Examples: WordPress, Joomla, absolute URL's (/home/$username/public_html), etc.
  5. If your account occupies more than 5GB, please contact us via phone or Live Chat to have the username change completed, as cPanel may time out while undergoing this process and leave it in an inconsistent state.

Unfortunately, you may not change the user name associated with your control panel. Once it is set, there are vital components using that name. Some of those settings are used by your web site, and are not controlled by Light Space Technologies.


You may change the user names for any accounts you create by going to WHM and clicking the Modify Account link (read more in the related article). However, you cannot change the user name you picked during sign up.

VPS and Dedicated

You may change the user names for any accounts you create by going to WHM and clicking the Modify Account link (read more in the related article). However, you cannot change the user name provided by Loight Space Technologies; Linux is always root, and Windows is always admin.

There Must Be a Way to Change My Signup Username

The only solution Light Space Technologies can offer is to terminate the hosting account, and then recreate it with the desired user name.

WARNING: Accepting this solution will erase all web site content, emails, databases, and everything you have done on the server so far.

For details on how to do that, please read the "Reset Everything" section of the article on how to restore an account from the beginning with the original setup. Once the new account is created with the new username, you would need to re-upload all your content and re-setup the account.

Note: Unfortunately, it is not possible to directly transfer the contents of the old account to the new account, because too many things (like database names, and certain script configuration files) would all still refer to the old username, breaking most scripts. 
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