Viewing Website Statistics in cPanel AWStats

When you have a website online, you may want to keep track of how many people are visiting your site. cPanel offers several built-in statistic reports, and AWStats is one of the more popular programs. AWStats updates every 24 hours and also instantly when you click the Update now link. The statistics report gives details about the amount of people coming to your website and other information such as:

  • Monthly history
  • Days of month
  • Days of week
  • Hours
  • Countries (top 25)
  • Hosts (top 25)
  • Authenticated users (top 10)
  • Robots/Spiders visitors (top 25)
  • Visits duration
  • Files types
  • Pages-URL (top 25)
  • Operating systems (top 10)
  • Browsers (top 10)
  • Connect to site from
  • Search key phrases (top 10)
  • Search keywords (top 25)
  • HTTP error codes

Stats may not begin working and updating until after the first 24 hours.

Note: Statistics are not accessible on a Shared or Reseller cPanel with more than 100 domain entries, including subdomains, addon domains and parked domains. If you have a lot of websites in a single cPanel, we recommend using Google Analytics or another third-party statistics solution as an alternative.

Access AWStats

To access AWStats for your site:

  1. Log into cPanel.
  2. In the Metrics section, click the AWStats icon.
  3. Click the view icon next to the domain name for which you wish to view stats.

For help understanding your AWStats results, please refer to the official AWStats website:

  • AWStats Glossary

Activate Web Statistics in WHM

VPS and Dedicated Server owners may need to activate web statistics in WHM. To do this:

  1. Log into WHM.
  2. Go to Server Configuration > Statistics Software Configuration.
  3. Adjust the settings and save.

Exclude an IP Address from AWStats

You can specify an IP address which you do not want logged in AWStats to keep your own page visits from being counted. This will allow you to view your site and make updates without affecting the daily statistics. To exclude your IP address:

  1.  Copy the IP address. This is your connecting IP.
  2. Log into cPanel.
  3. In the Files section, click the File Manager icon.
  4. Navigate above public_html and open the tmp folder.
  5. Open the awstats folder.
  6. Find the file named ( will be your actual domain name) and choose to Edit.
  7. Scroll down to the line starting with SkipHosts and add your connecting IP inside the quotes. For example:
  8. Save the changes.
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